I work with teens experiencing a variety of psychological, behavioral, developmental, social and family problems.

The teenage years are a critical time in everyone's life. This is when young adults begin to form their own unique identity that defines who they are. This stage can be troublesome both for the teenager and the parents. Teens may begin to challenge parents and other adult authorities - testing their boundaries and often fueling arguments. Although it can be a trying time, it can also be amazing to watch your adolescent transition into a young adult.

There are numerous emotional strains affecting teens that may sometimes result in the need for therapy. Teens today face so much more pressure during their developmental stages than ever before. Issues like low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders and substance abuse need to be addressed, not ignored. Avoiding problems will have an unhealthy impact on a teen's ability to cope with daily life. Appropriate counseling helps teens work through the issues inhibiting them from living their lives to the fullest.