Mediation is

a form of alternative dispute resolution

a non-adverserial alternative to litigation

a fair negotiation driven by clients, not courts

Mediation offers peaceful, personal, and private solutions that most often save time, money, and stress.


 The primary advantage of divorce mediation is that it keeps you and your spouse in control of your own divorce. That can make all the difference in your recovering from your divorce and moving on with your life.

Mediation allows the two of you to work through your divorce with less conflict than you would experience in an adversarial divorce. Because mediation is all about working with shared knowledge, mediation allows you and your spouse to work together to lower the cost to each of you.

Do you have children? Research has shown that it is not the divorce that results in negative consequences, rather it is how parents relate to each other during and after the divorce that makes the biggest difference in a child's life. 


Family mediation is reccomended for child custody issues, child visitation conflicts, family financial disputes, and parenting plan agreements. You do not need to be married to mediate a family dispute.

Mediation is a process used to help people reach agreements. In this process, a neutral, trained mediator works with people to discuss all of the issues related to their family conflict, to explore possible options for settlement, and to identify solutions that best meet the needs of each person involved.