Special Needs

Kids Club

Designed for emerging social thinkers ages 5-10.  We learn group dynamics, joint attention, social rules/expectations, how to engage in shared experiences and how to foster positive peer relations.  The fun and interactive lessons help group members learn essential skills in a fun way.

Brave New World

Designed for tweens ages 11-13.  We focus on learning to make choices and coping with the consequences, mastering self-regulation, enhancing self esteem, gaining self-advocacy skills and bully proofing.  

Teen Time

Ages 14-17.  We utilize structured learning and relational interventions to instruct the teens on socially appropriate behavior. We focus on behavior modeling, role playing, social stories and relationship building.  

Sibling Support

Siblings of children with special needs have special needs of their own.  This is a fun, lively group for neurotypical sibs to foster the positive qualities that are reinforced, and cope with the difficult situations that arise, by having a special needs sibling. 


Soul Support

An interactive, small group workshop designed for women. This is an enjoyable, hands on process to get you to listen to and support your soul again....to discover what brings you the most joy, to remember what you are good at and to recognize what makes your heart sing. Get back on track and unleash the courage to stay on track. Support your soul!


Food Allergy Support Team  

FAST's mission is to build a strong, collaborative support team for parents of children with food allergies. The group meets regularly for mutual support, occasionally hosts guests speakers, always advocates for allergic children and constantly educates the local community. 

Special Needs Advocacy for Parents

Special needs is an all encompassing label, yet parents often let a diagnosis divide them into categories of diseases, genetic conditions, developmental delays and the unexplained afflictions. Special needs parents have more in common than that which separates them. SNAP is a group that offers a chance to exchange wisdom and ideas among one another; join to learn how to advocate as one group and understand how to better help your kids and yourself.